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Debunking 10 Silly Myths About eCommerce Marketing

Myths abound regarding eCommerce marketing right now. Don't fall victim to the latest fallacy; arm yourself with the truth for your eCommerce business.

Phyllis Rush
Phyllis Rush

Nov 06, 2023

Debunking 10 Silly Myths About eCommerce Marketing


Alright folks, it's time to dive into the wild world of eCommerce marketing and debunk some of the biggest myths out there. Get ready to separate fact from fiction in this digital universe.

Myth 1: If You Build It, They Will Come

Finch 23 Social 1_1 Template (3)One of the most common and misleading myths about eCommerce is the idea that simply creating an online store will automatically attract hordes of customers. In reality, the internet is flooded with countless online businesses, and merely launching a website won't guarantee traffic, sales, or revenue.

Debunking: Success in eCommerce marketing requires a proactive approach. You gotta hustle and invest in a bunch of marketing strategies to drive traffic to your site. SEO, content marketing, social media promotion, paid advertising - you name it! Your website is important, but it won't magically attract customers on its own. You gotta actively promote it to reel 'em in and keep 'em coming back for more.

Myth 2: It's All About the Lowest Price

A lot of folks believe that the only way to succeed in eCommerce is by offering the lowest prices. While pricing is for sure a factor, it's not the sole reason for success.

Debunking: Customer value goes beyond price. Shoppers consider product quality, convenience, customer service, trustworthiness, and other factors when making purchasing decisions. Forget about slashing prices to compete. Instead, put your focus on delivering unparalleled value through top-notch products, a seamless user experience, and outstanding customer service. That's how you'll stand out from the crowd and win over customers, without having to resort to a price war.

Myth 3: eCommerce Marketing is Set and Forget

Some naive souls believe that once they've established their online store and marketing campaigns, they can kick back, relax, and watch the money pour in. But alas, my friends, eCommerce marketing is a demanding beast that requires constant attention and adaptability.

Debunking: eCommerce marketing is a dynamic field. Consumer behaviors change, search engine algorithms evolve, and new trends emerge regularly. To stay competitive, you must continuously monitor and adjust your marketing strategies, from SEO to social media, to keep up with the evolving landscape.

Myth 4: You Can't Compete with Big Retailers

There's a common belief that small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses can't compete with giants like Amazon, Walmart, or Alibaba. This belief can be demotivating for smaller businesses.

Debunking: While big retailers have extensive resources, smaller businesses can thrive by finding their niche, offering unique products, and providing a more personalized and customer-centric experience. Specialized markets tend to attract loyal customers who are in search of unique products and services that larger retailers may not cater to.

Myth 5: Social Media is Only for Millennials

Some businesses mistakenly assume that social media marketing is only effective for reaching younger audiences, neglecting older demographics.

Debunking: Social media platforms have diverse user bases, including older adults. Did you know, for instance, that over a third of Facebook users are aged 45+! You can tailor your social media strategy to target specific demographics, ensuring your marketing efforts reach a broad range of potential customers.

Myth 6: Email Marketing is Dead

There's a misconception that email marketing is outdated and no longer effective in the age of social media and instant messaging.

Debunking: Email marketing is far from dead; in fact, it remains one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways to engage with your audience. Personalized and well-timed email campaigns can drive conversions and keep customers informed and engaged.

Myth 7: Paid Advertising is a Waste of Money

Some businesses are hesitant to invest in paid advertising, believing it's an unnecessary expense.

Debunking: Paid advertising, when done correctly, can provide an excellent return on investment (ROI). Platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads allow you to target specific demographics and reach potential customers who are actively in the market for products or services like yours.

Myth 8: SEO is a One-Time Task

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is often misunderstood as a one-time task that, once completed, will secure a high ranking on search engines forever.

Debunking: SEO is an ongoing effort. Search engines continually update their algorithms (Google updates theirs 500-600 times a year!) and competitors can also improve their SEO strategies. Regularly updating and optimizing your website's content, meta tags, and backlinks is essential to maintain and improve your search engine rankings.

Myth 9: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is Unnecessary

Some businesses overlook the importance of optimizing their website for conversions, believing that a great product will sell itself.

Debunking: Even if your products are absolutely amazing, having a website that's not optimized can result in missed opportunities for sales. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) involves enhancing the user experience, experimenting with different elements, and fine-tuning your site to encourage visitors to take the actions you want, like making a purchase. It's a crucial aspect of successful eCommerce marketing that you definitely don't want to overlook.

Myth 10: Ecommerce Marketing is a Solo Endeavor

Some people are under the impression that they can tackle every aspect of eCommerce marketing by themselves, without any external assistance or expertise.

Debunking: eCommerce marketing is a complex field that encompasses website development, SEO, content creation, social media management, and more. While you can start on your own, consider seeking expert help or outsourcing specific tasks as your business grows. Teaming up with specialists can work wonders for your results.

Smash those myths!

eCommerce marketing is a crazy rollercoaster ride that requires a deep understanding to thrive. By smashing these silly myths and diving headfirst into your eCommerce adventures with killer strategies and a willingness to adapt, you'll conquer this cutthroat world like a boss.

Stay in the loop, keep learning, and embrace the ever-changing eCommerce landscape. With these keys to success, you'll be on the fast track to eCommerce greatness.

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Phyllis Rush

Phyllis possesses 25+ years of experience in marketing and sales. As Finch's Senior Content Manager, she works tirelessly to ensure that we operate like a publisher, producing content that educates, informs, and entertains our marketplace.

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