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Amazon for eCommerce Brands

Beat competition with automated bidding and smart segmentation

Amazon is a huge, hyper-competitive advertising marketplace. We've learned how to incorporate Amazon Ads into a larger eCommerce growth strategy that maximizes marketing spend.

Sound familiar?

Time to get strategic with Amazon Ads

Your products need to be on Amazon in the modern eCommerce landscape. But if the competition is able to throw millions of dollars at the algorithm, what chance do you have?

Over 60% of online shoppers begin their search on Amazon - and with Amazon Sponsored Ads taking more and more of the results page real estate, it's getting expensive to stay visible.

Finding the right mix is what we do.

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Finch knows Amazon Ads

We know how important it is for eCommerce brands to compete on the Amazon Marketplace. But we also know that Amazon is just one marketplace. We'll work with you to understand how Amazon should fit into your profit engine - when it makes sense to spend more or less based on your unique growth goals.

Expert Amazon Sponsored Ads Team

Management of All Amazon Ad Types

DSP Management & Optimization

Bid Automation at All Levels

Automated Real-time Keyword Harvesting

Weekly Health Checks

Achieve growth on Amazon

We have a proven growth process for eCommerce

Sometimes the best strategy is NOT to spend more. Amazon is one part of the growth puzzle for eCommerce.


1. Data Cleanup

We'll connect your Amazon Ads data to the Finch Platform so we can trust what we find.


2. Strategize

The Platform will reveal opportunities for growth then recommend a plan to achieve it.


3. Execute & Iterate

Our team will help you prioritize, execute, and measure your growth objectives.

Ready to grow?

Learn how the Finch team enables new growth.

Our partnerships all start the same way - with a quick chat to make sure we're right for each other. Let's get started.

Free review of your ad channels.

Free 30-day growth plan.

Guided tour of the platform.

Success stories

Our results speak for themselves



How we helped Festive Lights achieve a 25X ROAS 

UK-based retailer of decorative lighting and accessories exceeded Q4 2022 goals by adding Pinterest Ads to their channel-growth mix.


Paid Search

How we found the perfect mix of channel strategy & KPIs for Springlane

With the Finch Platform, Springlane was able to plan, execute and manage the entire eCommerce strategy all in one place.

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