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Programmatic Advertising for eCommerce

Reach your audience wherever they go.

Use unusual triggers for ads, outside of behavioral, demographic and geographic targeting. Weather, temperature, elevation, and many more to reach the right users at the right place, and the right time.

Not just branding, prospecting and retargeting. Full funnel advertising over various media types.

Display, Digital Out of Home, Video, Native advertising, Digital Audio and Retail Media, all tracked at a user level.


The right data.

Achieve precise targeting and accurate measurement in a post-cookie landscape by prioritizing 1st-party data collection and understanding 3rd-party data relationships.


The right expertise.

Don't have a DSP expert in-house? Most brands don't. Our seasoned programmatic experts ensure campaigns are optimized for performance so you can focus on running a business.

eCommerce Reporting Technology

The right cost.

By focusing on performance metrics and leveraging Finch's relationship with programmatic partners, you can achieve better ROAS, minimize wasteful spend, and maximize impact.

Paid Search for eCommerce

Reach your audience at every key moment of the customer journey.


Take your brand all across the open internet to stay with your audience as they do what they love online.


Precision contextual targeting across multiple channels reduces irrelevant ad placements.


Serve ads to your Amazon audience wherever they go online and magnify the success of your campaigns.

Stay engaged with your audience across all digital media.





Digital Out-of-home

Connected TV


How do DSPs work?

DSPs are powerful full funnel marketing tools that help you stay top of mind with your highest value users, no matter if they're on their computer, phone at the gym, at work, or relaxing at home watching their smart TV.
Getting your campaigns up and running means really nailing those targeting details to cut down on wasted ad spend and make the most of your budget. 

The complexity of these settings guarantees that your ads are delivered accurately, ensuring efficient reach across multiple channels.

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"Finch's programmatic solution has dramatically improved the return on ad spend ... their bid modeling would be nearly impossible to replicate with internal staff."


Jamie Elgie
CMO, weBoost

You run the business.
We bring the customers.

Stabilize your growth with Finch DSP.

Go beyond basic advertising and dominate your market with the power of DSP.

Success stories

Our results speak for themselves


Holistic Growth

How we helped L9 Sports dramatically expand their reach & profit 

Utah-based sporting goods supplier effectively expanded their channel footprint based on a customized cross-channel growth plan.


Paid Search

How we found the perfect mix of channel strategy & KPIs for Springlane

With the Finch Platform, Springlane was able to plan, execute and manage the entire eCommerce strategy all in one place.

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