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Scale your outreach with DSP

Reach the widest possible audience with Demand Side Platforms.

Real-time Demand Side Platform (DSP) Bidding serves content across all types of programmatic ads, including Display, Video, CTV, Audio, DOOH, Pre-roll, Native-sourced directly from the publisher. 

The DSP Solution

Real-time Demand Side Platform Bidding

Serve ad content across all types of programmatic ads, including Display, Video, CTV, Audio, DOOH, Pre-roll, and Native-sourced directly from the publisher.

DSP not only serves beyond the walled-garden marketplaces, but provides visibility into detail lists of where your ad shows and what happens when it displayed.  

Great for Prospecting.  Outstanding for Retargeting

Now you can ensure that your ads are being shown in proper context to the right people, at the right times in all of your ad channels.


Track your audience with Unified ID 2.0 across:

Display, Native

The Google Ad Network

Digital Out-of-home

Connected TV

Pre/post/mid-roll & Popup Video Ads

Digital Audio

Retail Media


How do DSPs work?

DSPs are powerful marketing automation tools that allow you to target high quality traffic at scale across almost any part of the web at once.

Once you upload your creative media into a DSP, set a campaign budget, and set targeting parameters, the platform scours the web to find your audience and show them your ads.

DSP flips the usual marketing funnel on its head. It takes out the guess work for marketers so you can be confident the right people are seeing your ads.

Maximize your reach with DSP

We have a proven growth process for eCommerce

Sometimes the best strategy is NOT to spend more, but to reach the right folks. DSP is one part of the growth puzzle for eCommerce.


1. Data Cleanup

We'll connect your advertising data to shopping cary conversion & site analytics data.


2. Strategize

The Platform & experts will reveal opportunities for growth then recommend a plan to achieve it.


3. Execute & Iterate

Our team will help you prioritize, execute, and measure your growth objectives.


Chat with a DSP expert

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What our amazing clients are saying


"With the Finch platform, we have individual dashboards and reporting statistics centrally in one place. This makes monitoring of our search and shopping campaigns immensely easier."

Karishma Kumar

- SEA Manager


"Finch improved our existing Google and Bing search campaigns greatly and helped us expand into Amazon advertising."

Peter Ruppert

- Dir. of eCommerce

Success stories

Our results speak for themselves


Holistic Growth

How we helped L9 Sports dramatically expand their reach & profit 

Utah-based sporting goods supplier effectively expanded their channel footprint based on a customized cross-channel growth plan.


Paid Search

How we found the perfect mix of channel strategy & KPIs for Springlane

With the Finch Platform, Springlane was able to plan, execute and manage the entire eCommerce strategy all in one place.

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