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 Revenue Growth for eCommerce

We are a performance marketing agency enabling data-driven eCommerce strategies that you can trust in: Paid Search, Social Media Advertising, Amazon (and other marketplaces), Demand Side Platforms & more.

A team with a plan for growth

We are 100% eCommerce growth focused

We ONLY work with eCommerce brands looking for profitable growth. The Finch model makes it easy to identify your best customers, find more, and have them return, time after time.


Conversion Optimization

Turn your eCommerce site into a streamlined conversion engine to ensure visitors find what they're looking for and convert easily.


Funnel Optimization

We'll find the most profitable paths to move visitors to customers, to repeat customers - including unique promotional plays.

What to expect when you work with Finch

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Connected, Clean Data

You need trustworthy data to make intelligent decisions. Our team will bring your marketing and business data together for one source of truth - a foundation for future growth.


Revenue Growth Strategy

We've developed a methodology that uses your data to identify gaps and weaknesses in your revenue engine - then jumps in to deploy the strategies 


The Finch Team

The team works to bring your clean data into powerful dashboards so you can track growth and launch/manage marketing projects from the same place.

Ready to grow?

Learn how the Finch growth strategy wins profits.

Our engagements all start the same way - with a quick chat to make sure we're right for each other. Let's get started.

Free review of your ad channels.

Data review & cleanup tips.

Free 30-day growth plan.


What our amazing clients are saying


"With the Finch platform, we have individual dashboards and reporting statistics centrally in one place. This makes monitoring of our search and shopping campaigns immensely easier."

Karishma Kumar

- SEA Manager


"Finch improved our existing Google and Bing search campaigns greatly and helped us expand into Amazon advertising."

Peter Ruppert

- Dir. of eCommerce

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