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"With the Finch platform, we have individual dashboards and reporting statistics centrally in one place. This makes monitoring of our search and shopping campaigns immensely easier and enables analysis at both a high-level and granular level. It allows us to easily see what is working.”
Karishma Kumar - Springlane
"Finch improved our existing Google and Bing search campaigns greatly and helped us expand into Amazon advertising. With the addition of Facebook in the past year, we have also seen growth in that realm and hope to lean more into social going forward.”
Peter Ruppert - Director of Ecommerce, L9 Sports
"Finch offers us a great service. The Finch software solution in combination with their personal expert knowledge provides the best possible support for us!”
Anja Ruck - Head of Online Marketing at Avery Zweckform
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If you want to be top of the digital marketing food chain - you have to adapt to survive. Operating on Darwin’s principle of “survival of the fittest,” the Finch platform continues to evolve and adapt for the best possible outcome.