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eCommerce Industry Webinars

As the eCommerce industry evolves and new challenges arise, keep up with the latest advice and trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Latest Webinar

Unlocking the Potential of Amazon Advertising & Customer Engagement

May 4, 2023
Join our Finch panel of experts Onur Ozkan and Nevin Zavell hosted by Finch COO Devrin Carlson-Smith as they cover a range of topics to help participants elevate their Amazon advertising strategies.


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Recent Episodes

Mastering Google PMax: Best Practices & Pitfalls to Avoid

Apr 19, 2023
Join Finch Global Director of Paid Search Mathias Falkenberg as he shares expertise regarding how eCommerce brands can get the most out of Google Performance Max (PMax) campaigns.

Migrating to GA4: Unleashing the Power of eCommerce Analytics

Apr 5, 2023
In this information-packed episode, join hosts Devrin Carlson-Smith and Ian Feik as they delve into the world of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and its impact on eCommerce businesses.

AI Marketing, Product Feeds, & Best Practices for a Black Box Future

Mar 23, 2023
Join Finch eCommerce Product Specialist Nevin Zavell hosted by Finch COO Devrin-Carlson-Smith as they discuss AI in marketing and why "Black Box" campaigns that rely heavily on automation are becoming more common.

CAC vs. CLV: Minimizing Acquisition Cost & Raising Lifetime Value

Mar 8, 2023
Join Finch CEO Bjorn Espenes as he discuss how and where to find accurate and reliable metrics for Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). 

7 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for eCommerce

Feb 23, 2023
Join Drew Himel, CEO of Fireside Digital, as he shares with us his top 7 tips for improving Conversion Rate Optimization in eCommerce.

Targeting Your Audience on Their Terms

Feb 8, 2023
Join Finch Director of Demand Generation, Mike Mardis, for a chat about defining, finding, and targeting your online audiences when and where they are.

Unlocking the Potential of DSP with Open Web

Jan 27, 2023
Finch Global DSP expert, Alex Kennedy, demonstrates the power of Demand-Side Platforms and the Open Web to drive profit for eCommerce Brands.

Planning for eCommerce Growth in 2023

Jan 13, 2023
Finch Global VP of Customer Experience & Success, Lee Roquet, chats about how eCommerce businesses should start planning for new challenges in 2023.

2022 D2C eCommerce Learnings

Dec 22, 2022
Finch Director of Customer Success Ian Feik analyzes 2022 D2C eCommerce data and shares what to expect in 2023.

Top 3 eCommerce Challenges & Opportunities for 2023

Dec 1, 2022
Finch COO Devrin Carlson-Smith chats about the challenges facing the eCommerce industry in 2023 - and the opportunities they present.

Audience Validation & Retargeting in a Post-iOS 14.5 World

Mar 30, 2022
As more iOS users opt-out of tracking, display advertising through DSPs can provide more transparency, predictability, and a higher ceiling for retargetable audience sizes.

eCommerce Growth Orchestration in Q4

Sep 17 2021
A panel of eCommerce experts discuss how success happens across the right mix of channels and marketplaces.

Adding Sponsored Brands for Amazon Advertising

Jun 29, 2021
Learn about Finch's approach to Amazon Sponsored Brands and how we get the most value possible.

Recharge Your Approach to eCommerce Promotions

Apr 21, 2021
See how Finch uses a mix of data to drive highly-profitable eCommerce promotions.

Rethinking eCommerce KPIs

Feb 3, 2021
The eCommerce industry is always changing, so should the way you measure success. Finch COO Devrin Carlson-Smith explains how.

6 Success Factors for Your Amazon eCommerce Strategy

Mar 26, 2020
Approximately 50% of all eCommerce sales happen through Amazon. Here's six things to monitor for success on the platform.

Navigating the eCommerce Holiday Season During COVID-19

Sep 10, 2020
New Challenges need new solutions, but there are also benefits to ensuring the basics of your eCommerce engine are performing during a novel holiday season.

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