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5 Things You're NOT Doing with your eCommerce Marketing

Want to take your eCommerce marketing strategy to the next level? Check out these top 5 strategies you might be neglecting.

Phyllis Rush
Phyllis Rush

Oct 27, 2023

5 Things You're NOT Doing with your eCommerce Marketing


eCommerce marketing is all about standing out in our current cutthroat online landscape. With a global marketplace just a click away, the potential for your business' growth is absolutely massive. And while you might be doing a lot of things right, there are always some hidden gems you just might have overlooked.

In this article, we'll chat through the top 5 things you might be neglecting in your eCommerce marketing efforts.

1. Personalization Beyond "Hello, [Name]"

Personalization is a hot buzzword in the world of eCommerce. In fact, according to Yieldify, 74% of eCommerce companies utilize website personalization. And Adobe says 89% of marketers claim positive ROI when deploying personalization.

Personalization in Marketing Campaigns

However, it's not just about addressing your customers by their first name in your emails! True personalization involves understanding your customers' likes/dislikes, behavior, and purchase history in order to offer them tailor-made shopping experiences.

Picture this: you stroll through the doors of an online store, and it's like stepping into your own personal shopping haven. It knows your every desire, suggesting products tailored to your exact taste based on your browsing/shopping history. And as if that wasn't enough, it even throws in some juicy discounts on items you've been eyeing but haven't quite committed to.

Talk about a game-changer! This level of personalization isn't just a fancy gimmick; it's a surefire way to skyrocket your conversion rates and keep your customers coming back for more.

Start by mining the heck out of your customer data and investing in advanced recommendation AI algorithms for your online store.

2. Harnessing User-Generated Content (UGC)

Your customers are like the superheroes of your brand. They have the power to create authentic content that speaks volumes to potential buyers, more than any fancy ad campaign ever could. User-generated content, or UGC, includes customer reviews, testimonials, social media posts, and even those exciting unboxing videos.

"79% of people say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions."

- Hubspot report

By sharing these blurbs on your website and social media, you not only provide social proof but also foster a tight-knit community around your brand. It's like having your own squad of loyal followers cheering you on!

Encourage your customers to leave reviews and share their experiences. Showcase this UGC prominently on your website and social channels, and you'll see an increase in trust and engagement. It's a powerful tool that many eCommerce businesses underutilize.

3. Embracing Omnichannel Marketing

Let's face it — many eCommerce businesses are so focused on their online presence that they forget about the potential of offline interactions with customers. But here's the truth: the modern consumer journey is anything but a straight line to purchases. It's a twisty, turny adventure that spans multiple channels. That's why having a top-notch omnichannel strategy is key. It ensures your customers get a shopping experience that's as smooth as butter, no matter where they are.


Your customers may stumble upon your product on Instagram, do some snooping around on your website, and then seal the deal in-store or on a nifty mobile app. It's like connecting the dots to unlock the treasure chest of success.

So, go ahead and invest in some fancy technology and resources to keep tabs on your customers' behavior across all channels. This way, you can provide them with a seamless and oh-so-convenient shopping experience.

4. Post-Purchase Engagement

Your relationship with a customer doesn't stop once they've made a purchase. Oh no, this is the perfect opportunity to forge a lasting bond! Post-purchase engagement involves sending charming order confirmations, exciting shipping updates, and even asking for their delightful feedback. And hey, why not sprinkle in some extra value with post-purchase content like fun usage guides, entertaining how-to videos, and irresistible product recommendations? It's like a little gift that keeps on giving!


Furthermore, you can create loyalty programs, where customers earn rewards for repeat purchases or referrals. All these efforts contribute to customer retention and can turn one-time buyers into long-term brand advocates.

5. A/B Testing and Data-Driven Decision Making

To truly dominate the eCommerce world, you have to be a master of strategy refinement. A/B testing is like your secret weapon, giving you the power to experiment with all sorts of elements on your website or in your marketing campaigns.


By comparing the performance of two different versions, you can make super smart decisions based on real data and optimize your approach to perfection. It's like having a crystal ball for success in the digital realm.

Testing different headlines, images, call-to-action buttons, and product descriptions can uncover what resonates best with your audience. Don't rely on gut feelings—let the data guide your choices for the best results.

Change, Test, and Thrive

eCommerce marketing is a never-ending adventure, and there's always space for growth. By incorporating these 5 clever strategies, you can skyrocket your online store to new heights.

Remember, personalization, user-generated content, omnichannel marketing, post-purchase engagement, and data-driven decision making are all essential components of a successful eCommerce marketing strategy. Give them the attention they deserve, and watch your online business flourish in this competitive digital landscape.

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Phyllis Rush

Phyllis possesses 25+ years of experience in marketing and sales. As Finch's Senior Content Manager, she works tirelessly to ensure that we operate like a publisher, producing content that educates, informs, and entertains our marketplace.

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