The data says your paid search ads are working, but revenue isn't growing.

Ad platforms like Google Ads don't measure and report on metrics important to grow YOUR business, like CAC and LTV.

They measure metrics important to growth THIER business, like ROAS.

This is how your paid search advertising data can show success without increasing your revenue.

Does this sound familiar? Your marketing data shows a Paid Search ROAS of 5, but the bottom line revenue numbers don’t match.

Profitable Growth means decreasing ad spend while increasing revenue.


Track growth metrics that tie marketing spend to business revenue.

Change your perspective. Clicks, impressions, and CTR are not sufficient tools for achieving growth. They're just ad health metrics.

Build a strategy based on what's important to your business.

You have to compile and decode the marketing data from your ad platforms in order to measure and track the growth metrics that matter like Marketing Efficiency Ratio, LTV, CAC, and Contribution Margin. 


How Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) measures profitable growth for eCommerce brands.

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Ready to build a paid search Success Plan that's accountable to Business Growth?

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What you get with a Finch partnership.

Clean marketing data you can trust.
Our 5x5 KPI Methodology.
Proprietary platform to manage it all.

A different brand of Paid Search agency built for D2C eCommerce.

We are not a typical paid search agency. We don't get paid more when you spend more, because sometimes the best strategy isn't to spend more. We follow a proven process to unearth the best paths to profitable growth for our clients.

1. Get Control of the Data

We'll connect your data to the Finch software:
Native Paid Search Data from all Channels
✓ Google Analytics for UX Optimization
✓ Shopping Cart for Conversion Optimization



2. 5x5 Methodology for Analysis

We'll take your clean data and use our unique method of analyzing your data we call the 5x5 Method. The goal is to standardize KPIs and understand your data.


3. Set Business Goals

Now that we have a handle on the data, we need to set a goal at the business level. This is where we agree on how much growth is possible based on the data and set out to reach it. (ex. 20% YoY revenue growth)



4. Set Strategy & KPIs to Reach Goals

We know your growth goals. Next we set the strategy to reach them based on the opportunities identified in the 5x5 method. We'll agree on the KPIs and the strategy to meet them all while tracking performance up to the revenue goal.


5. Execute, Analyze, Repeat

Digital advertising is a game of constant improvement. Nothing we do is "set-and-forget." Our team will be in contact with yours weekly to strategize and pivot when issues arise.




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