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Finally, all your eCommerce data in one place.

A unified platform for eCommerce growth

Discover new profitable growth for your eCommerce business by unifying data from your ad channels, shopping cart, and website analytics. 



Finch knows paid search

  Google Performance Max
  Product Feed Optimization
  Amazon Sponsored Brands
  Google Shopping
  Targeted Remarketing
  Ad Creative & Testing


Closing the growth loop

Use data you trust to diagnose revenue opportunities.

The eCommerce market doesn't agree on much, but these two issues keep blocking growth:

  • Data Trust: with the loss of tracking cookies and disconnected reporting, you can't trust what the data says anymore.
  • Strategy: without trusted data, you can't meaningfully track the success of your business, making it impossible to build an iterative growth plan.

Drive new profitable growth

We have a proven growth process for eCommerce

Once we get your data into the platform, we can implement a custom growth plan based on your unique data and business.


1. Goal Setting & Planning

Goals: Set business-level growth goals & define KPIs to get you there.
Strategies: Identify & deploy proven objectives from our library to meet KPIs.


2. Execution & Collaboration

Objectives: Manage & collaborate on work & track results.
Tasks: Define, assign, & manage specific actions to complete Tasks.


3. Reporting

Reports: View performance by channel, platform, campaign group, & more.
Dashboards: Review business-level KPIs, advertising data, & work progress side by side.

Ready to grow?

Learn how our tech enables new growth for clients.

Our partnerships all start the same way - with a quick chat to make sure we're right for each other. Let's get started.

Free review of your ad channels.

Free 30-day growth plan.

Guided tour of the platform.

The Finch platform changes how eCommerce business is done. 

The old ad agency way

Campaign-level goals & tactics

Work reports & performance data lost in spreadsheets, email chains, platforms, & folders

No way to connect campaign performance to business growth

The Finch way

Business-level growth goals & strategies

All ad channel data, shopping cart data, & site analytics live in platform dashboards

Connect marketing activity to business growth metrics 

Key features of the platform



Define top business growth goals like growing revenue QoQ and set them in the platform to track activity towards.



Based on your specific goals, Strategies curates & recommends objectives & tasks proven to improve KPIs important to reaching your Goals. 



Objectives will be recommended by the Finch team based on your Goals & Strategies to improve specific KPIs that we know indicate growth.



Tasks are defined based on the objectives you choose to deploy and the KPIs important to achieve them. Progress is tracked and managed inside the platform.



Create completely custom reports based on your unique Goals and KPIs. Track progress toward growth goals & deploy to Dashboards.



Utilize our library of Dashboard presets to view Reports, Goals, Objectives, Tasks, & more. Modify filters & layouts to your liking. Or, create completely custom Dashboards.

Success stories

Our results speak for themselves


Paid Search

How we helped Level Nine Sports increase YoY revenue by 81% 

The plan included measurable KPIs, tasks, and trackable milestones attached to integrated reporting dashboards that deliver granular insights.


Paid Search

How we found the perfect mix of channel strategy & KPIs for Springlane

With the Finch Platform, Springlane was able to plan, execute and manage the entire eCommerce strategy all in one place.


What our amazing clients are saying


"With the Finch platform, we have individual dashboards and reporting statistics centrally in one place. This makes monitoring of our search and shopping campaigns immensely easier."

Karishma Kumar

- SEA Manager


"Finch improved our existing Google and Bing search campaigns greatly and helped us expand into Amazon advertising."

Peter Ruppert

- Dir. of eCommerce

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