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Festive Lights  -  Finch Client since 2017

Festive Lights beat Q4 goals by 24% with a 25X ROAS on Pinterest

UK-based retailer of decorative lighting and accessories exceeded Q4 2022 goals by embracing channel growth and adding Pinterest Ads to their marketing mix.


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Key Result

Over Q4 Revenue Goal

Key Result

Pinterest ROAS


Project Overview


As specialists in feel good lighting, Festive Lights pride themselves on being the best at what they do; offering quality, decorative lights across the globe, throughout the year. Their unique products can be used within the home and garden, for parties and events such as weddings and festivals, and, of course, for making Christmas displays merry and bright!

The Challenges


Following huge success in 2020 and 2021 during the pandemic, Festive Lights sought to maintain the momentum into 2022 and beyond, despite the universal macro-economic challenges  and shrinking customer spending experienced by all eCommerce brands in the second half of 2022. 

To realize their stretch goals for sales in Q4 2022, Festive Lights needed to expand their channel footprint and open their existing sales funnel to new opportunities in order to reach new, high spending audiences.

The Goal


To meet and exceed revenue targets in Q4 2022, which is the most vital time of the year from a seasonality perspective for Festive Lights.

The Finch Solution


Maintain performance efficiency in current channel mix while expanding Pinterest Ads.

Finch was already managing all ad channels for Festive Lights, so we knew we could either try to work within the existing channels to find opportunities, or expand into a new channel.

The data showed we were already managing current channels at optimal efficiency without sacrificing spend levels. As a result, we decided to expand into the untapped channel of Pinterest Ads.

We chose Pinterest Ads as our growth vehicle for several reasons:

  • Festive Lights sat in an ideal vertical (Home & Garden) for Pinterest.
  • The content produced by the Festive Lights team suited a channel like Pinterest.
  • The audience on Pinterest is comprised of a higher proportion of high earners when compared to other paid social channels.
We connected Pinterest data to the Finch Insights platform, which enabled real-time channel impact measurement. This enabled the Finch and Festive Lights teams to identify the most efficient platforms and campaigns.



Upon launching and optimizing the Festive Lights Pinterest Ads accounts, we saw measurable success and growth as we drove new, previously untapped users and potential customers to the Festive Lights online store. Ultimately, with Finch’s cross-channel and platform expertise, we helped to beat Q4 2022 goals by 15%, achieve a Pinterest channel ROAS of 25X, and an overall cross-channel reduction of cost of sales by 25% since the launch of Pinterest Ads.


Exceeded 2022 revenue goals by 24%


Achieved a Pinterest channel ROAS of 25X


Reduced cost of sales by 25%

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