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The Programmatic Advertising Revolution

By now, you’ve heard the term “Programmatic Advertising,” but what does it really mean? According to study done by Google the market describes it most frequently as: Google defines programmatic advertising as:  …

Bjorn Espenes
Bjorn Espenes

Jan 19, 2016

By now, you’ve heard the term “Programmatic Advertising,” but what does it really mean?

According to study done by Google the market describes it most frequently as:

Google defines programmatic advertising as:  

“The practice of using technology and audience insights to automatically buy and run an ad campaign in real time to reach the right consumer with the right message in the right context.”

Originally limited to display advertising, programmatic can now be applied to more areas of digital advertising. Finch has built a game-changing technology that applies the same principles to both Search and Shopping advertising.

Why Does Programmatic Matter?



Imagine a potential customer opening their browser and starting to type int he search box. For each character they type, Google starts their auction process for which Ads to show and how to rank them.

Google is very, very good at matching ads with those doing the search. They achieve this by utilizing all of their data and applying it in real-time. Real-time information gives the visitor the most relevant information and the best search experience. Google has done this programmatically since the beginning of AdWords over 15 years ago, and has increasingly gotten better. Ultimately, programmatically utilizing data drives quality, revenues and experience.

Imagine this scenario to profile the next click you are bidding on:

  • Exact match type of the keyword “hotels in park city utah”
  • This keyword historically produces $324 in profit per conversion
  • The conversion rate is 25%
  • The click comes from a desktop
  • The person doing the search abandoned a cart on your site yesterday

Would this have impact on how much you are willing to pay for that next click?  Of course it will! Why?  Because the click you are about to bid on has been profiled in real time with all the data variables that builds the click profile. That click profile is compared with past performance metrics for each of the profile components to determine the value it has to you based on your financial objectives and constraints.

Being able to profile the next click you are essentially buying in real-time you can gage relevance, probability and value accurately. This mind-blowing level of accuracy is why Programmatic matters.  Accuracy equals less risk and enables the advertising budget to be firmly focused on clicks that are more relevant and profitable for you. 

When the potential customer starts typing into the Google search box and Google starts running the auction among the advertisers to decide which ad to put on top (80% of the clicks comes from the top 3 ads), most advertisers have set their bid a long time ago based on fixed, static, averages–the CPA model. The problem with the CPA model is that competitors are not static.  They change ad copy, bids, ad extensions, pricing, etc. and if your campaign is static it will get off track quickly.

Setting the bid real-time is game-changing! This is the biggest opportunity for progressive and savvy advertisers since AdWords first came about fifteen years ago.

Does it really work?

Need more proof? Here are a few case studies from our customers.

International seller of kitchen products: 84% increase in sales from auto created keywords(cost of revenues kept equal).


Large US Seller of Recreation Products: 48% increase in sales from Google Shopping (margin kept equal); isolating each PLA and building real time profiles for each click purchased.

Large US Seller of Jewelry: 44% increase in sales from Google Search campaign; isolating each search click purchased by match type, revenue/cost history, device searched from and audience profiling.

Global SaaS Company: 241% increase in lead volume from Google Search campaign; integrating with CRM system to enhance lead quality and isolating each click purchased by match type, cost per lead history, lead conversion rate history and audience profiling.  (Bonus: cost per lead was reduced by 41%). 

What Else Can Programmatic Advertising Do?

In addition to maximizing competitive advantage, there is an endless list of other advantages that can be created from Programmatically managing an advertising account, including:

The future is here and it’s programmatic advertising.  

It’s not a matter of IF you will be buying clicks programmatically, it’s a matter of WHEN.

How Do I Get Programmatic?

Programmatic Advertising will change the advertising industry with accelerating speed.  Data models, attribution models, data quality and real-time data flow will allow those who utilize it to win. And win big.  Finch has a staff of 35 certified Google professionals who are fully immersed in what programmatic advertising is capable of producing for you.

Learn more about the Programmatic Revolution. Get Finched!

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