Summer Travel is Here: Time to Optimize for Mobile


Knowing that there is a shift from desktop bookings to mobile, you decide to start advertising and optimizing for mobile campaigns.

Internet users are 36% more likely to use a smartphone when they look for availability of an item in a local store now than a year ago.2 This makes sense. People are on the go these days, this is especially true for travelers. Optimization of mobile ads and sites are more and more important to focus on. 

In addition to making sure your ads are optimized for mobile, make sure you create mobile friendly landing pages. As page load time goes from 1 second to 3 seconds, the probability of bounce increases 32%.3 Google found this percentage goes up even more for the impatient traveler – 90% of travelers using mobile will switch to another site or app if the pages are not loading quickly enough!4  Programmatic is one way you can handle all these moving pieces in real time to keep people interested in your company on mobile, tablet and desktop.

For more interesting information on consumer travel planning trends, check out this awesome infographic Google just released:


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