Single Keyword Ad Groups Should Be the Focus of Your Paid Media Strategy

Single Keyword Ad Groups (or SKAGs, as well call them) offer that level of insight. SKAGs give marketers the ability to adjust campaign structure at the keyword level. This leads to increased relevance, enables ad extensions, and affects your quality score. It doesn’t take a paid media genius to understand the benefits SKAGs provide. That said, the geniuses do understand the push towards using SKAGs for paid media campaigns.

SKAGs also give marketers the opportunity to offer more exact match messaging. Exact message matching is crucial for your ads to succeed. It also increases relevance, click-through rates, conversions, and quality score. Using SKAGs is also monumentally important for decreasing your Cost Per Value (CPV) and Cost Per Conversions (CPC).

What else can SKAGs help marketers accomplish? As you probably know, Google determines your quality score from a few factors: ad relevance, expected CTR for your ad, and landing page. SKAGs are extremely specific to a single keyword meaning your ad will also be extremely relevant. Ultimately, your ad is customized to the right audience at the right time on the right channel. As much of an adage as that saying may be, it’s hyper relevant for paid media marketing.

Best of all? SKAGs are super easy to set up and maintain since you’re only working with one word per ad group. That said, even though you’ll have more targeted campaigns, creating SKAGs takes a lot of time. Not only just setting them up, but also managing them. You’ll definitely be able to write more targeted campaigns. You’ll optimize for clicks and conversions. And, yes, you’ll also end up paying less for more conversions. It’s just going to take you a very long time to set them up, if you choose to manually do so.

What about automation? You may ask. Does anyone do that yet?

In short, yes. At Finch, we’ve been leading the pack in paid media automation for the last ten years. We didn’t invent single keyword ad groups. But we did invent the technology platform to automate SKAGs, as well as the rest of your paid media accounts.


Curious how your paid media could perform, if automated and optimized with SKAGs? Try a free Finch audit of your accounts, right now.

See how much more you can accomplish.

Let’s adapt together.


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