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Finch Clients Realizing eCommerce Business Growth

eCommerce business growth is possible, even during a pandemic. Read how companies are succeeding online today and with the help of Finch and the Finch Platform.

Growth during a pandemic is not impossible. eCommerce business growth is an actual reality right now. While we’ve all had plenty of bad news in recent months. But even in these abnormal times, there’s still some good news to be found. That good news for Finch clients is the booming online shopping trend brought on, in part, by COVID-19.

Finch is proud to support the efforts of clients whose businesses have not only survived the pandemic but are thriving and growing. In this post, we give these clients — and all the others not featured here — a big shout out for their success and recognition. We also extend our gratitude for trusting Finch to contribute to that success.

Ankerkraut — A Spicy Start-Up Success

Ankerkraut is a cool German-based startup. The company, founded in 2013, is run by husband-and-wife duo Stefan and Anne Lemcke. It sells pure spices (no fillers added), teas, salts, oils, and rubs online and at retail stores. In 2015, it made more than 1 Mio Euro in revenue. It got its first big outside investment when the duo appeared on the German version of Shark Tank, Die Höhle der Löwen.

Ankerkraut started strong and has never looked back. Ankerkraut is doing so well that it added a new private equity investor to help fuel its ongoing success. EMZ Partners is a France-based private equity company. It announced a significant investment in Ankerkraut on August 7, 2020. You can read the announcement in the Hamburg News or on OMR where you can also listen to the couple talk about Ankerkraut’s success in an OMR podcast.

Ankerkraut works with Finch to help drive its success online. Together, Finch and Ankerkraut have scaled Ankerkraut’s PPC revenue and improved its ROAS on Google and Amazon. And its Google Search and Shopping Ads campaigns have exceeded expectations by driving more than a 100% increase in revenue and a 70% improvement in ROAS.

“What we appreciate about Finch — besides the intelligent bidding AI and the personal support — is the Insights tool. It gives us a perfect overview of all our SEA, shopping, and Amazon campaigns with a multitude of important KPIs.” shared Robin Haas, Marketing Team Leader, Ankerkraut.

“We are increasingly seeing our clients get noticed and written up based on their growth…. growth that we are empowering through our Advertising Management Platform and our Client Success team. Changing how advertising is managed and having a platform to really drive through progressive clients feels so good!”
— Bjorn Espenes, CEO, Finch

PNW Components — Biking on Success

PNW Components is the go-to eCommerce store for quality bike parts — not motorbikes, bikes powered by pedals. Founded by husband and wife Aaron Kerson and Emily Stevenson in 2015, PNW has taken the bike parts industry by storm. The duo works directly with manufacturers to provide parts to customers at reasonable prices.

Its customers, love them, which is one of the reasons PNW Components ranked in at #114 on the Inc. 5000 2020 list of the 5,000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. Other reasons include a 3,167% growth rate in the last three years.

Finch is proud to support PNW’s efforts to grow its brand online and like crazy.

“Working with the team at Finch has been fantastic, helping us take our digital advertising campaign work to the next level.”
— Daniel Frank, Ideal Shopping Direct

Ekstralys — Lighting Up Profits

Ekstralys has been lighting the world since 2004. The Norwegian-based company sells lighting for pretty much anything that’s drivable, including vehicles and machinery for individuals, law enforcement, mining, construction, boating, and shipping.

The company is headed by Karl Richard Dybvik. It has online stores throughout Scandinavia and distributes to independent eTailers and stores across Europe.

Lighting is big business for Ekstralys. The company made headlines in Finansavisen, Norway’s national financial news publication, and other publications for growing more than 250%, making NOK 9 million in profits in 2019, and investing in expansion to Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

Finch has happily helped the Ekstalys team with its eCommerce strategy and growth since 2014.

Ideal Shopping Direct — Growing Revenues Online

Ideal Shopping Directlinkedin-post-446x1024 is a UK-based multi-channel retailer. It’s seen amazing performance since becoming a Finch client. With the help of Finch, Ideal Shopping Direct’s Google Search and Shopping Ads campaigns achieved a roughly 200% revenue uplift with a 69% reduction in cost of sales.

Ideal Shopping’s Daniel Frank shared, “Working with the team at Finch has been fantastic, helping us take our digital advertising campaign work to the next level. We are excited to see what’s to come next as we continue this great partnership.”


Stormberg is a premier outdoor clothing and lifestyle brand in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. It’s also a hugely successful eCommerce company. It doubled online sales in June — a success featured in Ehandle, Scandinavia’s largest online magazine and community for eCommerce and retail.

In the article, Stormberg General Manager Hege Nilsen Ekberg, shared, “The closure of the community moved a lot of the trade over to our online store, which became important to us during the weeks our physical stores were closed. At the beginning of the Corona era, there were many who used everyday trips to an even greater extent than before, and we saw strong growth in sales.”

Like at many companies Stormberg trusts Finch for help with its digital advertising. Read more about how the Finch team helped Stormberg in the Finch case study.

“Finch has delivered tremendous revenue growth for us in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. We appreciate the automated bidding and placements that perform exceptionally well and this continues to drive revenue within a healthy profit margin.”
—Maarten Berge, Technical E-Commerce Manager, Stormberg

eCommerce Business Growth Fueled by Human Relationship and Intelligent Technology

All of these companies and many others trust Finch to help drive eCommerce growth. And they benefit from Finch’s unique mix of human expertise and technology platform. It’s not just a one-time interaction though. It’s an ongoing partnership that continues to build over time and that benefits everyone involved.

Finch CEO Bjorn Espenes summarized the symbiotic nature of the Finch and Finch client relationship by sharing, “Happy customers and strong relationships are how we grow and keep clients. Strong relationships matter, not just because of the revenues, but because it makes it all so much more fun and rewarding. Add the platform that makes capturing, executing, and celebrating client growth in a collaborative way easy and it makes working every day incredibly rewarding.”

Interested in Growing Online?

Contact Finch to talk about how we can help you with our unique mix of expert strategists coupled with the Finch Advertising Management Platform that automates and optimizes your digital advertising, provides detailed actionable insights, and includes a unique, built-in collaboration tool purpose-built for digital marketing.

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