Paid Media Marketing Automation The Key to Success

When we met in person to review her company’s paid media program, the problem was clear: They were using a low-tech strategy to compete in a high-tech market. The digital agencies who had tried, unsuccessfully, to manage their accounts were relying on a combination of technology and manual operation — the problem being the manual part. They needed paid media marketing automation.

And after learning more about Finch’s fully-automated solution, the CMO was not only ready to work with Finch but to personally invest in the business.

Why Paid Media Marketing Automation?

Here’s what the CMO learned that day: To compete with search engines like Google and Bing — that use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and all the other tech trends of the hour — you need to leverage the same emerging technologies for full automation.

Simply put, paid media has grown too complex for any human (no matter how marketing or tech savvy) to manage manually.

Compare the advantages of using technology for paid media with the way it’s been used to streamline the personal transportation industry. Tech solutions like Uber/Lyft and Lime/Bird have made on-demand transportation more convenient; people still go from point A to point B, but now they have a faster, simpler, more automated way to do it.

The Advantages of Automation

That’s exactly what Finch has been working toward for nine years. And it’s the reason we’re now at the forefront of an industry, where more than 16,000 digital agencies (in the US alone), are in a frenzy to manage your paid media accounts.

While these agencies bill clients hourly for time spent pushing buttons, the Finch eCommerce Growth Platform automates everything:

  • Analyzing past performance
  • Sizing max potential
  • Building campaigns
  • Launching campaigns
  • Improving quality score at a large scale
  • Continuously fine-tuning campaigns to keep them running at optimal performance

And the Platform is complemented by an optional expert paid media strategist — a human — so you can choose full automation or a combination of human expertise and automation.

Even if you really wanted to manage the complexity of a paid media campaign manually (or pay an agency to manage it manually for you), your business couldn’t compete because you wouldn’t have a defined granular data model or a way to make consistent, real-time, data-driven decisions based on cause and effect — like the big search engines do.

The Finch Solution

As a fully automated platform, the Finch Platform lets you collect clean, structured data that not only enables predictable execution but also provides unique insights to help drive a more competitive strategy. And, while Finch manages all the complexity, your marketing team has more time to focus on strategy, analysis, and effective competition.

Your Choice

In the short term, I predict we’ll continue to see two types of advertisers:

  1. Those who switch to full automation (like the CMO who visited my office last week)
  2. Those who still rely on some form of manual operation.

In the long term, one of those types will go extinct. Which type do you want to be?

Let’s adapt together.

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