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Compare and Utilize Cross-Platform Reporting Data Across Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Advertising

Heads-up: If you have only a single search or shopping campaign running (on any advertising platform) then this article is not for you.

However, if you’re advertising across multiple ad platforms with many campaigns, this article is a must-read. It’s for those who feel their paid media channels are increasingly-complex, especially if you advertise across multiple websites and in multiple countries. And it’s for those who want quick access to revenue-generating data.

Many of our customers at Finch came to us feeling frustrated about the lack of insights on Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Advertising.

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The newly-released Finch Insights Reporting tool includes reporting features that streamline reporting for any (and all) campaigns across Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and display networks. And, for the sake, of this article, we’ll demonstrate using Insights Reporting to better manage campaigns and gain deeper insights into functionality and performance. In this article, you will, in particular, learn about the function “Group By” of summary level reports. This feature creates a powerful way to group by attributes that leads to extremely valuable insights.

How to Aggregate Campaign Data from Different Advertising Platforms

To understand the power of summary-level Group By reporting, you first have to understand campaign groups and how they work. As you most likely know, ad platforms have limitations with their reporting structures. To gain deeper performance insights, digital marketers typically aggregate data from multiple advertising platforms into spreadsheets to be able to compare results and to understand trends and variables.

At Finch, we built our advertising management platform to provide an automated solution for exactly that. The Finch platform combines similar ad platform campaigns into “Campaign Groups.”

Finch Insights manages and reports on all campaigns, across multiple ad platforms, within these campaign groups. For example, let’s suppose you sell thousands of products across multiple shopping campaigns. And, let’s suppose you regularly exceed the maximum number of products in your campaigns. In this case, managing multiple campaigns is painful. Finch combines all of these campaigns into a single Campaign Group to ease your pain.

Taking Advantage of Advanced Digital Marketing Software

Now that you understand Campaign Groups, let’s dive into summary-level Group By options. One or more Campaign Groups can be aggregated for reporting using “Group By”. These help you compare multiple campaigns from different advertising platforms.

For example, what if you want to see the differences between your Microsoft Advertising and Amazon Advertising campaigns? Or suppose you want to compare the performance between Search and Shopping campaigns on Google Ads? Group Bys allow for such detail. Insights also supports group by options for low-level keyword or product reports. For example, grouping shopping campaigns by brand or category.


Custom Group Bys are even more interesting. They let you define groups that make the most sense for your business. Custom Group Bys are more high-level and tied into your organization’s digital marketing goals. For instance, say you wanted to share brand vs non-brand performance with your CMO. Normally that would take a lot of time, Excel knowledge, and number crunching. But not if you use Group Bys!

In fact, many of our current customers have created Custom Groups to support multiple domains. They even use them to gain more visibility into their advertising in multiple countries by using multiple languages.

By using Group Bys at the campaign group level, you can customize virtually any report you want to see. It’s a one-stop-shop for search, shopping, and display for Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Amazon, and certain display networks.

Summary-Level Group By Reporting Insights at-a-Glance

  • Campaign performance on Google Ads vs Microsoft Advertising vs Amazon Ads
  • Your brand vs non-brand performance development across multiple advertising channels
  • Performance of your most important product line across different ad networks and campaigns
  • Paid media results of multiple domains in comparison
  • Campaign performance across different countries, currencies, or languages

These are just examples. There are no limits when creating Custom Group Bys. Finch Insights enables you to dive deep into these details with only one click.

Curious to See How It Can Work for You?

Finch’s Insights report uses Group Bys to present data in informative and interesting ways. The newly-released dashboard summarizes performance with the underlying campaign groups in easy-to-digest card formats.

If you’re a Finch client, check out Insights right now! Simply log in to your account.

If you’re not a Finch customer yet, watch the How to Mine the Gold in Your Ad Data for More Revenue webinar. In the webinar, I show you how to use Insights reporting to attract more relevant traffic and grow revenue.

Interested? Contact us at We’ll schedule a call and walk you through the platform.


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