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Growing Revenue Through Your Keyword Bank – Looking at Revenue by Keyword Origin

To demonstrate the impact complete keyword coverage can have on your account, I want to share results from a client we have been working with. I will take the revenue…

Brad Hintze

Oct 21, 2014

To demonstrate the impact complete keyword coverage can have on your account, I want to share results from a client we have been working with. I will take the revenue generated in the last 28 days and look at the keyword origin, giving us a better picture of how revenue has been influenced by keyword management.

This client has generated $202,000 over the last 28 days, but let’s take a look at that figure by keyword origin. Over time, we have expanded the keyword bank for this client, adding new keywords from a couple of different sources. When you look at the revenue from a keyword origin perspective you can better understand how to continue to grow your account.

There are 5 different keyword origins that we will look at: Standard, Manual, Keyword Feed, Dynamic Search Term Insertion (DSTI), and Shopping DSTI.


The largest revenue contributor are the keywords in the Standard category. Standard origin keywords are the keywords that existed in the account when we began management. We are continually optimizing these keywords, but they were already a part of the account prior to management. These keywords generated $126,00 in total revenue. Nearly ⅔ of the total revenue is in this account; which is not uncommon for accounts that order Viagra online.

This account was already a mature account that was performing well prior to our management efforts. This explains the large portion of revenue contribution for this category.


Keywords that are added by the client directly after Finch has begun management fall into the category we call Manual. These keywords can be added for a variety of reasons, but they represent a gradual increase in coverage by the client. This category contributed a total of $7,000 of revenue in the last 28 days.

Keyword Feed

Finch has developed an XML feed we call the Keyword Feed that connects the client’s inventory and product catalog directly to AdWords. With this feed a client always has accurate and complete keyword coverage for all of the products they sell online. This keyword feed generated an additional $10,000 of revenue for the client.

Dynamic Search Term Insertion (DSTI)

The next largest revenue contributor is a category we call Dynamic Search Term Insertion (DSTI). DSTI dynamically adds the search terms that lead to purchases as Exact Match keywords in your AdWords account. Insterting keywords in this way increases your keyword coverage and lowers your actual cost-per-click (CPC) for future customers.DSTI keywords generated $56k in total revenue for this client.

Shopping DSTI

Lastly, Shopping DSTI takes the search terms that triggers your PLAs and inserts them as Exact Match keywords in your account. This ensures that both your PLAs and text ads are being displayed for the search terms that have led to purchases in the past. For this client, Shopping DSTI has generated $7k in revenue.

If you look at the results, between the keywords that existed prior to management and the new keywords manually added by the client, AdWords has generated a total of $133,000 in revenue. But when you add the revenue generated through DSTI, Keyword Feed and Shopping DSTI revenue is increased by an additional $68k. A total increase of 33% of new revenue.

As you can see, ensuring complete keyword coverage and continually growing the keywords in your account can increase your revenue.

It’s important to note that these changes happened over a period of time, continually increasing revenue by adding the right keywords at the right time. Depending on the state of your account, and the changes made over time, the share of revenue generated through the various keyword origins will also shift. Over time you will see DSTI and Shopping DSTI continuing to take a growing portion of the revenue generated, while you may see a decline in the revenue generated through Standard keywords.

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– Brad

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