Google Premier Partner Award Case Study: Finch

Finch Wins Last Year’s Google Premier Partner Awards for Best Shopping Campaign

Finch was founded on a simple, yet seemingly impossible, proposition: to help advertisers predict the profit of each click before buying it. Based in the US, the business has over 300 clients around the world and teams across Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.

Finch’s award entry described how they helped e-Commerce bathroom furnishing and fixture business, Neuesbad Handels GmbH, with its search and shopping campaigns. As a growing business, Neuesbad had always wanted to expand its keyword coverage but struggled to find a way of doing it while keeping costs down. With over 200,000 products offered, they needed a systematic solution, and Finch was happy to oblige.

The solution was Finch’s unique programmatic technology, which meant Neuesbad could use their predictive bidding and see the potential ROI from potential clicks before bidding on them. They also implemented Dynamic Search Term Insertion (DSTI) and remarketing (RLSA). Thanks to the campaign, Neuesbad’s revenue increased by 67% and costs went down by nearly 11%.

What the Judges Said

Innovation was definitely a strong theme throughout Finch’s award entry and the judges were impressed by this. It was great to hear how Finch’s founders, Bjorn and Eric, had used their vision of applying programmatic advertising to search and shopping to help build the company have changed the face of the industry.

For example, in the past, advertisers have either relied on agencies to run their AdWords campaigns and risked limiting their performance or have done it all in-house with an automation tool. Finch’s technology brings a third route: a programmatic, granular and real-time solution that “manages the maze” to achieve better results.

Working holistically, the technology uses all the available data to help clients hit a number of goals. The first is optimizing campaigns for profit, so businesses know the income of a click before buying it. The next is market expansion, because they’re now able to automatically turn search strings into exact match keywords on the fly,  so companies can achieve unusually high growth rates.

Lastly, Finch has found a way to help systematically improve ad Quality Score, so clients can achieve a real and sustainable competitive advantage.

Yet even the founders Eric and Bjorn know that, no matter how good your technology is, long-term success and growth ultimately comes down to the people you employ. Not only that, the business allows each employee to dedicate two weeks a year to train with their global teams (versus an eight-hours-of-training-a-year average for most US firms). Mixing the teams in this way has helped build internal strength, and also created a kind of ‘Finch family’ where everyone knows everyone, and is ready to roll up their sleeves and dig in when deadlines loom.

How Have “Finchers” Reacted?

“It means everything to us,” says Tony Hrnek, country manager and director, DACHs region. “We know we have solid performance metrics from the companies we work with, but there are so many strong agencies out there. As with any award, we went in with the attitude that we would win, but unsure how it would actually turn out.”

Winning the award is also helping Finch build even stronger relationships with existing clients, and convert new prospects. As Tony explains: “This award has given our company the means to open doors globally in a way that we couldn’t have done alone. To tell someone ‘we’re different’ just doesn’t work. However, an award from Google makes it so much easier to break down walls. They start listening.”

And it looks like that’s bringing results already. Although it’s hard to measure the precise impact, Finch have reported rapid growth in the DACH, US and APAC regions since winning – and that’s no doubt partially due to the award.

What Does the Future Hold for Finch?

According to Tony, success at the awards has only served to strengthen Finch’s belief that they’re handling PPC in the right way. “Our direction has not, nor will not, change” he explains, “We have a focus that we are clearly doing well with and solving issues. We aim to be the best paid search partner on the planet.”

A new starter and client success manager at Finch, Beatrice Mussgnug, sums it up. “The people at Finch have a drive I have never seen before. I honestly like working with everyone here. That’s rare.”

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