Global Release of Finch Insights Reporting

Today is a big day. We’re pleased to announce the availability of Insights reporting.

Typically, the majority of digital marketing reporting systems exist in walled gardens with limited transparency into campaign metrics. Advertising platforms have a hard time comparing results among individual channels because of the different metrics and audiences available in those channels. Additionally, marketers experience the pain points of having to log in to various platforms to truly understand how each platform contributes to their success.

Finch Insights reporting is a customizable reporting engine that consolidates and aggregates data from multiple digital advertising campaigns, across multiple digital advertising platforms, into quick-view dashboards, high-level summary reporting, and low-level item reporting. It offers on-demand actionable reports and the ability to group, save, and share reports. In Insights, clients can view how digital marketing campaigns directly contribute to business goals.

Finch Insights reporting works with clients’ historical data and leverages a campaign structure at a granular level for more accurate, low-level reporting. It provides deeper insights into campaign performance. The Finch platform accesses Google, Bing, Amazon, and display network campaigns and provides a library of useful reports as well as unique, customizable reports. It offers a centralized “one-stop-shop” for campaign management for multiple advertising platforms across various channels (display, search, shopping, Amazon) to revolutionize workflow for digital marketers and analysts.

The Four Key Advantages of Finch Insights Reporting

  • Finch Insights offers lag data integration, single currency reporting, deeper item reporting, multiple reports generation, and visibility into system optimizations.
  • Users can compare and contrast multiple campaigns from different advertising networks without manually-creating reports.
  • Users can make quick adjustments to any digital marketing campaign in real-time with a “one-stop-shop” reporting dashboard.
  • Users receive actionable data to understand how campaign metrics directly contribute to overall business goals.

Finch is proud to provide Insights reporting to clients. The value of Insights is huge and will increase even more as we work closely with clients to identify and build customized reports.

Thanks is due to the Finch Engineering team who relentlessly worked on this release for the last several months.

Learn more about unique Finch Insights reporting for eCommerce paid media campaigns.

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