Finch VIP Summit — Google Dublin

Ever since Finch won Google’s award for the Best Shopping Performance 2016, we’ve been planning to put an event together based on concrete, actionable improvements that could easily translate into real growth for our clients.

To be as successful as possible, we wanted great support. We got it! Google sent agency team members from Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. Additionally, Leslie Wright, one of Google’s US Business Development Managers and Finch’s CEO Bjorn Espenes, made a trip from the US. It was quite a global gathering!

The 10 lucky clients flew into Dublin from all over Europe for this tactical training. Brainstorming, lofty ideas and market insights were a part of the agenda. However, the main goal of the Finch VIP Summit 2017 was to keep the content strictly actionable, industry-specific and client goal-focused. At the Summit, we decided to concentrate on three main areas where the attendees all wanted to see improvements.


Over 90% of the shopping feeds Finch sees need a lot of improvement. Since shopping feeds are typically generated directly from the product database, they rarely suit Google perfectly. Our goal was to drive the most impactful changes and teach our clients how to make improvements that translate directly into the feed.


Every country in Europe now has more mobile traffic than desktop traffic on Google. Anyone who wants to excel online has to adjust to this new reality. Speed, responsiveness and ease of navigation are the name of the game.


You can do everything right in AdWords but if your attribution is wrong it may not matter. We helped each client choose the model that best aligned with their marketing goals.

Everyone in attendance went home with specific recommendations on where to make improvements and exactly how to do it. Each client will receive a follow up package including concrete recommendations for campaign improvements and specific performance-driving changes. Finch’s Customer Success Team will follow up with each once the information is received to further support them as they make the recommended adjustments.

The only way to excel in the super competitive and ever-changing world of online advertising is to keep moving, improving and changing. We accomplished this for our clients at the Finch VIP Summit.

And what did the attendees think? They all want to come back! From our post-event survey:

Responses from Clients

“Thanks for a great seminar, great networking and what wonderful hosts both Finch and Google were.”

“I feel like I got a lot to take back with me to my office which will benefit everyone working in the Google platform. The whole event was a success, very well arranged – thank you all for that. I liked that the speeches were very dynamic, short, straightforward and generally very interesting – probably due to the excellent speakers. To sum up: Thank you!”

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