Finch + Google European Growth Summit 2018: Part Three

In her keynote, Google’s Head of Display for Central Europe Kristina Faber showed us Google’s new carousel display ads. These mobile and web app ads are similar to what you already see on Facebook; they feature videos, product galleries, and maps. Kristina also delved into custom intent audiences, explaining what they are and how to use them. 

Dynamic ads allow for personalization, which, if you recall from last week’s post on audiences, is exactly what your customers are looking for. As Kristina said, “Auto targeting will increase your reach on targeting options at the same time as it brings new conversions for the given target.” And this is where your data comes in.

When it comes to getting started with static and dynamic remarketing, one of Kristina’s key takeaways was that you have to let them run for at least 30 days so you have time to gather enough data to figure out what works for your customers and your display.

At Finch, we’re masters of Search and Shopping—and we’ve identified a problem. With Search and Shopping, you advertise to a finite number of people. They’re actively searching, which makes them great leads, but there are some potential leads missing. 

This is where Display comes in, and it’s also the reason we decided to increase possibilities for our clients by moving to a fully-optimized solution, which includes not only Search and Shopping but also Display and Remarketing. Finch CEO and Co-Founder bjorn.espenes explained how Finch will work with display. 

The missing link for most display campaigns is that they’re not influencing Search and Shopping performance, so we’re flipping the traditional funnel.

As Bjorn said, “Typical marketing display campaigns may look at the total addressable market,  then take a ‘spray and pray’ display approach. That’s not what we’re doing; rather, we’re taking the existing customer data and expanding it for use similar to audiences, affinity audiences, and in-market audiences.”

As we manage Search and Shopping, we have a large data set on what works for our customers, giving us the best starting point for display and enabling us to use Google (and Bing’s) machine learning to expand this audience to more exact match traffic.

Finch’s Lead Technical Analyst for Europe Mathias Falkenberg shared a case study for one of our clients where we optimized their structure and started bidding more effectively on prospects, increasing conversions by 254% and decreasing CPA by 54%. This made display as effective as their remarketing campaigns—increasing their brand search queries by 7%, and generating 61% more new users.

Our platform now allows us to automate not only your Search and Shopping campaigns but also your Display, making your SEM simpler and more efficient. To find out what Finch can do for you and your business, request a free audit today.


Finch VIP Summit — Google Dublin
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