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Finch Awarded Amazon Advanced Partner Status

Finch has achieved the title of Amazon Advanced Partner. Upgraded from the Verified Partner status, Advanced is the highest level of Amazon partnership.

Onur Ozkan
Onur Ozkan

Jun 06, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Finch has achieved the prestigious title of Amazon Advanced Partner. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone for us and demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients on the 3rd largest advertising publisher in the U.S.

Advanced partner badge

Our dedication and expertise have propelled us from a verified partner to the highly esteemed Amazon Advanced Partner status. This recognition is the highest level that can be achieved, showcasing our commitment to excellence in managing all Amazon ad types across 10+ markets.

How Finch clients benefit from the Amazon Advanced Partnership

1. Exclusive recommendations & training

As an Amazon Advanced Partner, we now receive exclusive recommendations for our accounts, allowing us to fine-tune campaign adjustments for optimal performance. We also gain access to comprehensive training on product releases and key retail events like Prime Days. This equips us with valuable insights and strategies to maximize your advertising success.

2. Expanded educational content

Our Advanced Partnership unlocks a treasure trove of educational content. We gain access to best practices, case studies, and product videos, keeping us updated with the latest trends and industry insights. By leveraging this knowledge, we can continually refine our strategies to deliver exceptional results for your business.

3. Amazon Ads API resources

Integration with Amazon Ads API resources is a significant benefit of our Advanced Partnership. This empowers us with timely updates on new releases and the option to merge our API and Partner Network accounts. By utilizing advanced tools and technologies, we can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns.

4. Exclusive events & sponsorship

Our upgraded status grants us access to exclusive events where we can network with industry leaders, share ideas, and forge valuable partnerships. Additionally, we have the opportunity for sponsorship by Amazon, further establishing our credibility and expanding opportunities for our clients.

5. Early access to Amazon beta products

Being an Amazon Advanced Partner provides us with early access to Amazon Beta products. This means we can test and experiment with cutting-edge features and innovations before they are available to the general public. This advantage allows us to stay ahead of the competition and drive even greater success for your business.

What does this mean for Finch clients?

Knowledge transfer & optimization

As we receive training and insights from our partner managers and contacts, we can pass that knowledge directly to you. This ensures that your campaigns benefit from the latest industry expertise, maximizing your advertising success on Amazon.

Market intelligence

Access to insight data on brand performance compared to the category or competition gives you valuable market intelligence. This information allows you to make informed decisions, identify new opportunities, and stay ahead of your competitors.

Dedicated partner manager

Our Advanced Partnership includes a dedicated Partner Manager who serves as an escalation point for critical topics. This personalized support ensures that any challenges or concerns are promptly addressed, providing you with peace of mind and top-tier service.

We are absolutely thrilled to be recognized as an Amazon Advanced Partner, the highest level of achievement in the Amazon Advertising Partner Program. This accomplishment signifies our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results for our clients. With exclusive recommendations, training, educational content, API resources, event access, and early product access, we are better equipped than ever to help you achieve your eCommerce goals on Amazon. Thank you for your trust and support – let's celebrate together as we take your business to new heights of success!

Onur Ozkan

Onur is the Director of Amazon at Finch and is a Performance Marketing Professional with 8+ years experience. Onur works with Finch clients to get the most out of their Amazon campaigns and is always at the cutting edge of his field.

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