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Finch Client Success Managers — The People Behind Finch

What are Finch client success managers? They’re critical to growing eCommerce clients’ revenue using paid advertising. Learn more about what CSMs do at Finch.

Finch prides itself in being “the people and the platform for scalable eCommerce success.” The people part of that is a critical part of the mix. The Finch Customer Success Strategic Services team are the people. The people are uniquely skilled in creating strategies for and managing paid advertising to grow Finch eCommerce clients’ brand equity and revenue.

But what do Finch strategists — known as client success managers (CSMs) and product specialists — do? And just what is the expertise they bring to Finch’s unique mix of advertising management for eCommerce companies?

It’s no small task.

The Main Goals of Finch Client Success Managers

A Finch CSM, as the name implies, is tasked with managing the success of Finch clients’ paid advertising efforts. CSMs don’t just manage that success though. They work directly with clients to understand their business goals and create a strategy that enables success. They also ensure the tactics needed to deliver on that strategy are executed — all while building and maintaining excellent client relationships.

That matters because the trend in eCommerce of increasing client expectations is no different for Finch clients, nor should it be. And the key goal of a CSM is ensuring clients’ paid advertising meets clients’ goals as cost-effectively, efficiently, and scalably as possible so that client revenues grow.

A Day in the Life of a Finch Client Success Manager

Finch CSMs possess a wide range of skills and do a range of activities — from strategic planning to ad creation to analysis to client communication and more.

CSMs drive the Finch client journey, which includes:

  • Learning the client’s current paid advertising strategy and setup and helping identify new opportunities that aren’t being utilized.
  • Collaborating with the client to create a strategy, identify or refine KPIs, and implement and monitor the strategy.
  • Onboarding clients.
  • Regularly monitoring client’s KPIs to suggest adjustments and new opportunities as needed.
  • Regularly communicating with clients via email, phone, and live meetings to keep the client informed and answer questions.

Finch CSMs spend time working in different ad platforms, such as Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads DSPs, and more. They also work with the Finch Advertising Management Platform. They learn the innovative platform inside and out and train clients on the Platform too.

“I have to be an expert in the ad platforms. There’s a lot of work in the platforms that I have to be able to do, like uploading ad copy, fixing broken URLs, managing bids manually, sometimes correct performance. I have to know how to assess the data, figure out which keywords and ad groups need to be bid up or down on. There’s a lot of technical stuff in the ad platforms. Then there’s the Finch Platform; there’s a lot of things that I can do in the Finch Platform so I don’t need to do them in the ad platforms,” says Finch CSM Nate Carlisle.

Finch CSMs use Finch Collaboration in the Finch Platform to communicate with each other and with clients. And they use Finch Insights reporting to monitor client paid advertising success across platforms and channels. They become experts in using the Finch Platform and at using existing reports and creating custom reports and managing clients’ workflows, communication, and meetings in the Platform.

CSMs carry out or delegate the day-to-day activities needed to deliver client success using their knowledge of ad platforms as well as their knowledge of eCommerce business goals, strategic business consulting, attribution modeling, project management, and advertising cost of sales (ACoS and return on ad spend (ROAS) to keep customers informed of how campaigns are progressing.

Sounds like a lot for one person. And it is, that’s why there is no one Finch CSM role or one CSM, there are several. Several CSMs working together to ensure client success.

Finch Client Success Manager Roles

Finch CSM roles include:

  • Associate CSMs
  • CSMs
  • Senior CSMs
  • Product specialists
  • Account directors

Often a Finch CSM will start as an intern or associate CSM. After six or more months of success in an associate role, an associate CSM can be promoted to a CSM role. Successful CSMs are then often promoted to senior CSM roles or product specialist roles.

“When I joined as an intern, I held that role for about 10 months. By the end of that period, I was managing accounts independently. I leaned on more experienced members so the team for support, but I was more or less a functional CSM. And then I was brought on as a permanent employee and CSM,” said Nate.

Of the CSMs at Finch today, 50% were previously Finch associate CSMs or interns.

Of the senior CSMs at Finch today, 47% were previously Finch CSMs.

Of the product specialists at Finch today, 60% were previously Finch senior CSMs.

Associate CSMs

Associate CSMs help CSMs and senior CSMs manage clients and may manage smaller clients directly. On a day-to-day basis, an associate CSM checks and updates clients’ ad copy, promotions, audience setups, and more.



CSMs work with multiple Finch clients and own a book of business. They work directly with clients to create a long-term (12- to 18-month) client strategy and goals and ensure delivery on that strategy.

While client campaigns are automatically optimized with Campaign Optimization in the Finch Platform, CSMs monitor clients’ paid advertising campaign reports and make bid and other adjustments to ensure campaigns are meeting targets.

CSMs also regularly communicate with clients through weekly or bi-weekly calls to keep them informed. They spend time planning those calls. “I have a handful of calls every day with clients where I’m communicating results to them, making sure that they understand what’s happening in their accounts,” said Finch CSM Nate Carlisle.

CSMs also monitor client campaign performance, adjust audiences, and implement promotions. A CSM may create ad copy or delegate that to an associate CSM.


Senior CSM

Senior CSMs with larger Finch clients and also own a book of business. Senior CSMs are strategy experts. Senior CSMs drive client strategies and the conversations with clients about that strategy. They also work with CSMs and associate CSMs to implement the strategy.

“We have people who are really great at helping out, but you also have your own team. Obviously, when you are more senior, you are dealing with some of the larger accounts and therefore the need to delegate to other people are a bit more critical. I’m not an expert in everything, right. So we would have a display team who are experts in that area. We would have, a social team who are really good at that. So it’s important that you delegate out to the people who know the most,” said Finch Senior CSM Ida Davidsen.

Senior CSMs are masters at growing clients’ businesses using a 12- to 18-month strategic plan, keeping clients informed, delegating tactics, and staying one step ahead of industry developments and client needs.

They’re experts with Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Amazon Adverting, Facebook, and DSPs. They’re versed at communicating and translating a marketing story and technical jargon into a cohesive plan for clients.

Senior CSMs and product specialists often start at Finch as interns or associate CSMs. “I initially got hired as an associate CSM. I worked as an associate for six months, then got promoted to general CSM, which I worked at for approximately eight months. Then I got promoted to senior after that. So quite a timeline for moving,” said Ida.


What Does It Take to Be a Good Finch Client Success Manager?

To deliver successful client services, Finch CSMs possess a range of skills including, but not limited to:

  • Detective
  • Analyst
  • Strategy
  • Digital marketer
  • Problem solver
  • Taskmaster
  • Manager
  • Collaborator
  • Delegator
  • Consultant
  • Consultative sales
  • Visionary
  • Producer
  • Trainer
  • Communicator
  • Project manager
  • Business partner
  • Customer service provider
  • Creative
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Innovator
  • Technical

You got it, Finch CSMs are pretty much superheroes. The role is both rewarding and challenging.

“The CSM team, we’re a very tight-knit group. I have what I like to call the A-team, which is myself, Nate, and our director of client success, Ian. That’s the most rewarding part — being able to work alongside them. I’ve worked under a lot of different account directors and a lot of different account managers that have ranged from competent to disastrous. It gives me a lot of confidence knowing we have strong leadership. So if something goes wrong, I know for a fact that I can pretty much phone up anyone, from Ian to our CEO Bjorn, and know that they’re going to be in the trenches fighting alongside me to solve an issue or trying to find a new solution or workflow. It’s changed the way that I look at how businesses can run and how teams can operate. It brings me a lot of joy. It’s what gets me up in the morning. ” said Finch Associate CSM Nevin.


Interested in Becoming a Finch CSM, aka a Fincher?

Finch is always looking for unique, adaptable individuals to fill CSM roles. If you think you might be one of the rare Finchers needed, check out current openings on the Finch Careers page.



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