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What Is AI Anyway? 

Is it the same as machine learning? Is it a 2001 Steven Spielberg movie based on a kid who can see dead people and turns into a robot? More importantly, what’s its place in marketing?

Our friends at Google have a good answer to this question: “Artificial intelligence is the study of how to make machines intelligent or capable of solving problems as well as people can. At its core, machine learning is a new way of creating those problem-solving systems.” (Read what else Google has to say about AI here).

The question that matters most to us at Finch is this: How do AI and machine learning effect marketing? We’ve spent countless hours discussing this and we’ve come to a conclusion:

Artificial intelligence for marketing is a method of leveraging customer data using AI concepts (like machine learning) to automatically predict a buyer’s next move before they make it and to improve the customer experience along the way.

Let’s break it down and discuss the three main points you may have missed in that definition.

  1. Data: Companies have access to so much data, but very few actually know what to do with it. The Finch platform uses all aspects of your data to predict the profit of your next click in real time.
  2. Automation: Remember all the choices you have to make in a day? Imagine automating some of those decisions so you can focus on improving your strategy. Our platform automates manual tasks, improves your media buy based on granular data, drives growth through keyword expansion, and increase your Quality Score.
  3. Customer experience: Profitability and effectiveness of campaigns is great for companies. Combine that with actually providing what your customer is looking for and magic happens. The outcome? Happy, returning customers.

bjorn.espenes, CEO of Finch, was asked once again to be a keynote speaker for Empowers Marketers, an event hosted by Rakuten Marketing in Kyoto, Japan. Bjorn gave an in-depth presentation on the topic of artificial intelligence and its role in the future of paid media. He explained how AI bridges the gap between technology and advertisers—automating a job that involves such immense amounts of data that it can’t be fully leveraged by human beings.

With his in-depth knowledge of AI and machine learning, Bjorn was able to convey to the Empowers Marketers audience a clear and concise message: AI and machine learning give us the power to automate manual tasks and leverage data to achieve optimal outcomes. 

Wondering how your business can use AI and machine learning to automate and optimize? Get in touch with a Finch representative today to learn how the Finch platform can bridge the technology gap in your company’s paid media. It’s a decision you won’t regret making. 

Let’s adapt together,

Tomas Ratto
VP of Marketing

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