9 Biggest Lies About Automated PPC Management – Part 2

Here are 3 more lies that we’ve heard about automated PPC.

3. Automated PPC management reorganizes and destroys my campaign structures

Not true!  Reorganize yes; destroy no!  Campaign structure and ad group structure set up a data model that the bidding algorithms need to run in order to maximize performance. Oftentimes campaigns are structured by product lines, P&L owners, etc., however there usually is too much of an overlap between the campaigns for this to work effectively beyond budget allocations. In fact this structure is likely hurting your overall performance severely.

A good Automated PPC management provider will focus on the tasks at hand and give you more effective ways to achieve your objectives within the new campaign structures.  There are also many hidden benefits to granular campaign structures, including improved CTR and quality scores.

4. Automated PPC management requires a lot of data to work

Not true!  While many Automated PPC management providers require hundreds or thousands of historic conversions, Finch only requires 50 conversions in a campaign and 1 week of data.

5. Automated PPC management only works in large markets like the US and the UK

Not true!  Many of the traditional PPC management companies are built around mega clients and heavy hands-on adjustments, but Finch is designed to work with small data amounts as well as larger ones. Benefits are instant even for the small campaigns and gain over time with more data.

Next time we’ll expose lies about bidding tools and account size.

photo: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-do-when-you-catch-liar-dr-travis-bradberry

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