7 Things About Digital Marketing Automation (Paid Media)


Things Your Boss Wants You to Know

It’s safe to say that over the last decade, digital marketing has evolved significantly. With the advent of A.I. and machine learning, the power of digital marketing automation seems to possess an asymptotic ceiling. However, what many marketers are only beginning to realize is that digital marketing automation is more than just email and sales automation. Paid media automation is becoming the trend (and reality) most marketers want to see. And we’ve identified seven things about digital marketing automation your boss wants you to know. Adopt these digital marketing skills and tech skills to be better at paid media.

Also–what is paid media? Paid media is a blanketed term to describe any form of digital marketing that requires a minimum spend to participate with an advertising platform. Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing), Amazon advertising, and all forms of paid social media are forms of paid media. Moreover, data shows that the most significant trend for the future is digital marketers demanding automation platforms for thier paid media campaigns.

At Finch, we know this truth all too well: we’ve been offering paid media automation for the last ten years! However, despite all these niche digital marketing terms, there are seven crucial digital marketing skills you should have. These tech skills are crucial if you’re looking to enhance your abilities and digital marketing skills.

1. Paid media automation is more than email/social media software

While tools like Marketo and Hubspot are insanely useful for lead generation and engagement, you can up your tech skills by adopting a paid media automation platform. The best paid media tools in the game will automate your paid search, shopping, Amazon, or display tactics. Why?

Because digital marketing automation frees up your task list. Think of how much time you can spend on strategy and buffing your digital marketing skills when you don’t have to focus on the day-to-day minutiae. Updating keywords, adjusting bids, optimizing for devices–the list of digital marketing skills goes on. However, with the power of automation, you’ll be able to scale like never before.

2. You can A.I. for digital marketing automation without having to write code

Ten years ago, if you wanted anything automated for display or paid search, you needed to be a coding wizard. Now, the best automation platforms have APIs to let you automate with ease. Even if you already have killer digital marketing skills or tech skills, using the power of A.I. and automation is crucial for your paid media success. Zero coding skills required–simply use the company’s API to streamline your paid media accounts.

Imagine all the time you can save in your general day-to-day office tasks with digital marketing automation. Instead, you’ll spend time focusing on strategy, driving results, and interpreting actionable data. In essence, you’ll do your job better and get the results your boss wants from you.

3. Automation and A.I. won’t take your job–they make you more efficient

It may come as no shock, but 80% of marketers are demanding more A.I., and 86% believe it makes them better at their jobs. Which should come as no surprise. Having the power of an A.I. platform allows you to reach more people and increase your efficiency.

A.I. is also shown to help improve customer retention since it allows for more customization and personalization. Additionally, having the power of A.I. will enable marketers to reach qualified leads throughout multiple stages in the sales funnel. You’ll need to ensure that all your paid media channels are highly optimized. But it’s nearly impossible up your digital marketing skills without artificial intelligence.

4. You can scale your content with digital marketing automation

As a global company, Finch understands the difficulty that comes with speaking to global audiences. We have to ensure that tone and voice approximate the same messaging while remaining cognizant of the many cultures with which we work. Without A.I., we’d spend way too much time translating content and optimizing for unique audiences.

However, with the power of paid media automation, we know marketing will work across any audience who becomes part of our funnel. We ensure messaging is uniform across all channels, in multiple languages, and let the power of our paid media automation platform deliver the results.

5. Your conversions not only increase but also happen faster

Something shocking to know is that 46% of PPC marketers report poor-to-average ROI for their channel. Even 67% of Display experts say the same for Display tactics. However, when you automate your paid media channels, you can expect a much more fruitful return–and cause your boss to appreciate your new-found digital marketing skills.

Having an optimal, A.I.-powered paid media automation platform can make or break your success across multiple channels. By creating your unique strategy and content, you can allow for the platform to do what you (alone) can’t: optimize and scale at a beyond-human rate.

6. Provide actual omni-channel experiences for your customers

The phrase “omni-channel marketing” is quite the 2019 buzzword. Essentially, it’s a concept that any successful marketer should already use in any strategy. We need to ensure a seamless, branded customer experience, regardless of digital/traditional channels and/or in-store visits. Consistency is key.

That said, having the power of paid media automation will allow your tech skills to achieve these results. When we enable A.I-powered platforms to manage and optimize our paid media channels, we inherently bank on omni-channel tactics. The right message will hit the right person at the right time on the right channel on the right device.

7. Find better quality leads–and much more of them

When we create and optimize for better customer experiences, we tend to reap the rewards in terms of our results. Better content, more relevant ads, and clearer calls-to-action help us increase quality score and drive conversions. But powering all our efforts with a digital marketing automation platform lets us scale beyond what was possible.

It’s akin to being the best Blackjack player in the world: you’ll probably have lots of success and build a career as a professional gambler. However, you’ll never be as good as the folks who invented an automated, calculable, and predictable system to “break the house.” In essence, to overcome the challenges of digital marketing, you need your “card counter.”

In this case, it’s your paid media automation platform.


What do you think about the future of A.I. and digital marketing? Are there any other pieces of knowledge you wish we would’ve included?

Let us know by sending an email to contactus@finch.com–we want to hear from you!

Also, don’t forget to try a complimentary audit of any of your paid media accounts. Your boss will thank you for upping your digital marketing skills.

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