7 Reasons You Need a Paid Media Automation Platform


Digital marketers face daunting challenges. You’re expected to exceed all goals and expectations–whether you’re in-house or a PPC ninja at an agency. But there seems to be a common problem that you know all too well. And that is, digital marketing is complex. To combat the highly-difficult aspect of paid media, you need to adopt marketing automation. Below, we list out 7 compelling reasons to adopt a marketing automation platform, now.

1. Spend Your Time Focusing on Marketing Strategy

At large, the benefits of a marketing automation system include freeing up your day-to-day tasks. Imagine letting your martech platform expand keywords and audiences data, drive up quality score, make bid adjustments, and so much more. With that time added back into your day, you can focus on the decisions that matter most to your bottom line. In fact, 78% of marketers report that automation increases their revenue.

2. Structure Your Audience Data to Power More Efficient Campaigns

Together with marketing automation comes the great power of enhanced marketing analytics. By knowing which data points are tied to your conversions, you’ll feel like a marketing automation insider. Having the ability to predict the value of a click, in real time (based on behavior data) is one of the largest benefits of a marketing automation system. Not to mention, you’ll have better insights into audience expansion.

3. Predictability and Consistency

Business marketing automation software provides a much granular view of data, on a much larger scale. If you leverage predictive data, you’ll be able to engender better strategies at multiple points throughout the marketing funnel. Imagine sending the optimized message at the right time on the right channel to the right prospect at the right stage of the final–all in real time. The benefits of a marketing automation software in your back pocket will change your understanding of ROI.

4. Deeper Personalization at a Much Greater Scale

One of the reasons to utilize digital marketing automation software is to eliminate levels of complexity. Many marketers struggle with developing personalized, relevant ads when marketing to a large scale of prospects. However, with automation technology, you can personalize all messaging to a large set of consumers based on their data.

5. You’ll Strategically Cut Your Largest Expenses

If you’re wondering about more reasons for marketing automation, consider the following: you won’t have to hire more PPC ninjas or outsource your work. Automation software and A.I. pick up the gamuts of grunt work associated with successful digital marketing teams. Small, agile teams–even large corporate team–can benefit by leveraging automation to drive better success metrics. Additionally, you’ll be better able to understand how your attribution models perform.

6. Using Display for More than Awareness

If you’re like most digital marketers, it should come as no shock that Display tactics don’t always deliver the results you’d envision. Typically, marketers employ a “spray and pray” approach with Display. But what if you utilized the data you had from past conversions and specifically targeted similar and lookalike audiences, based on the audience data? Traditionally, that hasn’t been possible. But with a digital marketing automation platform, you gain full transparency into how your Display accounts work.

7. Instantly Contact Your Leads

One of the best reasons for marketing automation is faster contact with your leads. A recent study conducted by Harvard Business Review touts that potential customers are at least 7 times more likely to buy from you if you respond to their queries within an hour. By automating your leadflow and sales ops, you can create reports to notify your sales/support team the minute a prospect clicks on one of your ads. Reach out to them in real time and drive the conversion.


The benefits of a marketing automation system are seemingly endless. Digital marketing automation tools and platforms make professional marketers much more proficient, accurate, and timely. Marketing automation software companies are definitely on the rise. However, we’ve been pioneering the industry since 2009.

Are you curious about how business marketing automation can improve your tactics?

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