5 Things you Must Know for Magento Stores and Programmatic Advertising

Let’s take a step back; what is it that every Magento store owner wants?  Sales, more Sales, and lots more Sales!  I have not yet spoken with a Magento store owner that does not want more sales.

What stops them from generating more sales?  A lot of different things:

  1. Market reach: do they have the relevant keyword coverage to capture what their customers are searching for?  The average Magento store owner we start working with has less than 30% of the keywords that can be pulled from their product catalog.  As a Magento store owner you can benefit from a Magento Connector customized for Google AdWords to gain 100% coverage. In the upcoming webinar Finch will show how this is done, including keyword generation, ad copy management, dynamically managing a changing product catalog, and optimizing AdWords bids for these keywords.

  1. Cost management: The biggest blocker for growth in an AdWords account is the wasted spend.  In the upcoming webinar we will cover in detail how to detect the waste and how to re-apply it where you are making a profit.  Managing waste  is even more critical while trying to increase the market reach.

  1. Profit: The benefit of a Magento store is that there is a standardized way of doing a lot of the processes that are complex and hard to do.  The Holy Grail of online advertising is to “Know the profit from the next click, before you buy it”.  This is possible and Finch will cover how to do this in the upcoming webinar.  Not only is optimizing for profit good for your financial performance, but it is the ultimate competitive advantage in each click auction you enter with Google.

  1. Quality Score:  Quality Score is 70% of Google’s Ad Rank (which determines the position your ad is shown and cost). Quality Score matters more than anything else.  Learn how the combination of keyword expansion, profit optimization and Magento-specific AdWords setup can drive massive improvements in your Quality Score.

  1. Mobile: At Finch mobile revenues for our clients are up 56% in 2015, at the same cost as Desktop revenues.  Capturing the mobile performance data in a granular structure enables programmatic execution the bid modifiers for mobile… for each keyword, match type, user profile, etc.  

Programmatic advertising is going to change the advertising landscape rapidly over the next few years, as a Magento store owner you are in a unique position to take advantage of this early. Join us for the upcoming webinar to learn how and why!

There is still plenty of time before the upcoming holiday season to act and take full advantage of what this can do for your competitiveness and financial performance.

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