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What we do

Performance Marketing for eCommerce Companies

We'll work as an extended part of your marketing and revenue teams to connect the marketing funnel to the revenue metrics of your shopping cart - revealing profitable growth opportunities. Then we'll help plan and execute your growth plan using the Finch platform.

What to expect

A true partnership aimed squarely at increasing eCommerce profits

Can you trust your data?

Merge marketing channel data with cart data

We'll connect the three most important data sets to the Finch platform:
Paid Search Data - to optimize campaigns
Site Analytics - to drive more conversions
Shopping Cart Data - to target profitable growth

Does your marketing strategy target growth?

Identify growth opportunities in your data

Once your data is merged and trustworthy, we can use it to diagnose leaks in your profit engine. Then we'll use the Finch 5x5 Methodology to create objectives you can track and manage from the Finch platform to reach business profit goals.

Is your marketing measurable and repeatable?

Execute on objectives, analyze, repeat

Your dedicated Finch account team will be in regular contact as they monitor the success of your campaigns using powerful and insightful dashboards. Imagine managing all of your marketing and business data in the same platform that tracks progress toward your goals.

Ready to chat?

Let's get to know each other a little better.

Our partnerships all start the same way - with a quick chat to make sure we're right for each other. Let's get started.

The Finch Team on your Team

Our team of marketers, channel specialist, & eCommerce experts on your team.


Dedicated Team of Experts

When you partner with Finch, you get a true partner. It's that simple. You get our experts on your growth team.


The Finch Platform

Connect your marketing channel data to business revenue data, view in powerful dashboards, & manage growth projects.


Revenue Optimization

We'll find the most profitable paths to move visitors to customers to repeat customers - including unique promotional plays and more.

Resource center

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Ready to grow?

Every eCommerce brand has a unique growth story. We want to be a big part of yours.