How purpose-built software to plan, execute and manage eCommerce growth became the recipe for Springlane’s success.


At Springlane, they love good food! That’s why this colorful mix of cooking enthusiasts develops products and recipes that make everyday cooking and baking easier. Springlane helps you dive into new culinary experiments with their robust catalog of kitchen essentials - designed by foodies for foodies.

Springlane has not only gained control over their complex advertising set up, but seen an increase in efficiency.

ABOUT Springlane
Finch Partner Since 2019
Channels Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook
Vertical Kitchen Equipment
HQ Dusseldorf, Germany
Website springlane.de
Microsoft Bing


Before partnering with Finch, Springlane’s busy staff of foodies churned out an impressive and speedy promotional schedule (as well as some truly excellent recipes). But their lack of time and in-house resources meant their eCommerce growth was put on the back burner.

Springlane needed access to high-level data, comparative analysis, and a means to manage their already complex advertising initiatives quickly and efficiently.

To fully leverage their existing advertising channels like Google and Microsoft Advertising and enter new marketplaces, Springlane needed unique, “outside the box” strategies. Basically, they needed their own eCommerce test kitchen - that’s where Finch came in.


  • Establish Long Term Growth Plan
  • Optimize Channel Strategy
  • Gain Visibility Into All Data
  • Gain eCommerce Expertise
  • Manage Complex Advertising Setup
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With the Finch Platform, Springlane was able to plan, execute and manage the entire eCommerce strategy all in one place.

The Finch platform allowed Springlane to:
  • Access a detailed, data-driven growth plan
  • Streamline custom workflows for team productivity
  • Get a deep dive into all reporting and analytics
  • Leverage Finch expertise
  • Stay agile with campaign decisions backed by real-time data and bolstered by Finch’s expert analysis.
The team at Springlane could establish custom workflows that allowed their team to move quickly, reduce time consuming busy work, and drastically decrease their inbox traffic.

"With the Finch platform, we have individual dashboards and reporting statistics centrally in one place. This makes monitoring of our search and shopping campaigns immensely easier and enables analysis at both a high-level and granular level. It allows us to easily see what is working."

Karishma Kumar, Team Member at Springlane


The combination of the Finch’s unique channel strategies, purpose-built productivity software, and all-in-one reporting dashboard proved to be the recipe for Springlane’s success.

From day one, they were able to increase team productivity and communication (while minimizing lengthy email chains and inbox overload.) Access to Finch’s international team of experts and domain strategists allowed them to create a custom and nuanced growth strategy that pushed the boundaries of each platform.

Access to transparent, birds-eye reporting data meant Springlane’s team was able to see their progress, test campaign efficacy, and replicate their wins across channels. With Finch, this fast moving team of cooking innovators was able to bring their brand to a larger audience, secure new markets, all while increasing team productivity.

Custom Growth Plan

Recipe for Success with Custom Growth Plan

Data Driven

Data-Driven Decision Making with Birds-Eye View Insights

Efficient and Transparent Team

Efficient and Transparent Team Workflows

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