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LEVELNINE  -  Finch Client since 2016

L9 increased YoY revenue by 81% in 5th year with Finch

Utah-based sporting goods supplier effectively expanded their channel footprint based on a customized cross-channel growth plan.


Google Ads
Bing Ads
Amazon Ads


Outdoor Sporting Goods

Key Result

Revenue increase YoY

Key Result

Drop in ACoS

L9 Annual Revenue


Project Overview


Level Nine Sports is committed to providing quality goods and top-notch customer service at the lowest prices anywhere. With the most knowledgeable team of avid skiers, snowboarders, and bikers they are confident that L9 Sports is the absolute best place to outfit your family with high-quality ski, snowboard, and bike equipment.

The Challenges


Before working with Finch, L9’s limited channel success created eCommerce FOMO. This fear of missing revenue within their sales funnel combined with untapped growth opportunities brought them to Finch.

To realize their goals of expanding their channel footprint and opening their existing sales funnel to new opportunities - L9 needed a true multichannel strategy that integrated their siloed data and an agnostic partner to fill knowledge gaps within their in-house team.

The Goal

The goals for LEVELNINE have expanded over the years with Finch as they've achieved growth. Those goals include: Expand Funnel & Increase Sales, Increase Channel Footprint, Increase Domain Expertise, Access Transparent Data, and Integrate Siloed Data & Expertise.

The Finch Solution


With the Finch platform and domain experts, L9 built a customized and adaptable cross-channel growth plan.

The plan included measurable KPIs, tasks, and trackable milestones attached to integrated reporting dashboards that deliver granular insights. How the Finch Platform enables L9 to take their digital marketing efforts in-house:

  • Understand customer conversions within their funnel
  • Highlight the impact of each channel, and identify the most efficient platforms and campaigns
  • Allocate budgets across channels based on real-time reporting and insights
With dedicated Customer Success Managers and an arsenal of Finch domain experts, L9 was able to seize previously missed opportunities, expand their channel footprint, and benefit from a truly channel-agnostic approach that allowed them to replicate their success across platforms.

"Finch improved our existing Google and Bing search campaigns greatly and helped us expand into Amazon advertising."

Peter Ruppert

- Dir. of eCommerce



Immediately after teaming up with Finch in 2016, L9 improved their already-successful Search and Shopping campaigns. In the next four years, they rapidly extended their channel footprint with paid media campaigns across 4 additional channels (Google, Amazon, The Trade Desk, and Facebook). With Finch’s cross-channel reporting and trackable growth strategies, In 2021, L9 reduced the overall cost of sales by 10% - all while increasing their year-over-year revenue by 81%!


Extended paid channel footprint to 5


Increased YoY revenue by 81%


Reduced ACoS by 10%

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