Webinar Assets

Webinar Assets

Adapt your Paid Media Strategy to COVID-19

Adapt your paid media strategy


  • Changing consumer behaviors reflected in search volume according to Google data
  • Which verticals are shifting to e-commerce the most and in which regions 
  • What your brand can do to engage with consumers in these times
  • What we learned by looking at Finch data, based on realtime customer examples
  • Which specific reportings reveal opportunities to adapt your strategy to
  • How the FINCH decision tree can help you navigate through uncertain times


FINCH has teamed up with Google to discuss the impact of the recent developments and the options that are available to you in a joint webinar. The feedback on this was great, so we want to provide the slides as well as the webinar recording. 

Google Partner
Get the Webinar & Slides

Get the Webinar & Slides

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