eCommerce Growth Orchestration in Q4
How Multiple Channels Means More Sales

- A virtual conference powered by FINCH -

Conference At a Glance:

Date: September 16, 2021
Time: 10 a.m. CET  
Length: 1 hour
Audience: eCommerce managers and online marketing managers for eCommerce brands  and manufacturers

We are a global company: Finch is hosting this conference in two time zones. Click here, if you prefer to attend the US edition


Back in the day, Online Marketers just had to take care of Google Ad campaigns. You still do, but on top of that, they are also running campaigns on Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and other platforms. Not only do you have to be an expert in all these different channels, but you also need to orchestrate your advertising efforts on all these channels, align them with each other and stay on top of things.

The good news: we got you covered.

Finch is hosting a virtual conference on “eCommerce Growth Orchestration in Q4 I How Multiple Channels Means More Sales”. Join and hear a panel of eCommerce experts: 

  • Share why success happens across the right mix of channels and marketplaces, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and social media.

  • Give a deep dive into their best practices, tips, and tricks for a successful Q4 on these individual channels.

  • Explain how these tactics can be aligned and managed efficiently.

A panel discussion will be followed by a live question and answer session.

The Host

Svein Eriksen

General Manager Nordics , Finch

Svein has more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing, product, business, and sales development. He worked in various roles in Schibsted Norway and Sweden, and Omnicom Media Group before joining Finch as GM for the Nordics. He is an expert in programmatic and data-driven advertising and launched Schibsted´s Ad exchange back in 2013. Outside of work, Svein enjoys snowboarding, sailing, floor hockey, and time with his family and dog.


Ida Davidsen

Account Director, Finch

Ida is passionate about digital marketing and about sharing her knowledge and seeing clients grow their eCommerce brands. In the time she’s been with Finch, Ida has grown from a client success manager to an account director by combining her expertise in digital marketing with her client-focused approach to drive growth for brands throughout EMEA and the world. Outside of Finch, Ida loves to travel and is a foodie. She’s also one-half of one of two sets of twins in her immediate family.

Jeremiah Haas

Head of Amazon Shopping Solutions, Finch

Jeremiah heads Finch’s team of Amazon Advertising experts and helps guide Amazon development on the Finch eCommerce Growth Platform. He and his team work daily with Amazon and Finch clients to actively drive the development and implementation of Finch client growth strategies through Amazon Advertising. When not immersed in digital marketing, Jeremiah can be found playing football or basketball, enjoying time with friends, or traveling.

David Gray

Social Product Specialist, Finch

David is an experienced digital marketer and advertiser with a deep background in paid digital media. He is a seasoned performance marketer. Today, he leads the social media advertising team at Finch. Before joining Finch, David has worked both in digital agencies and in-house in the paid social sphere, where he led the European office of a boutique marketing agency and in-house with brands, such as 2K Games. David is a Law and Business Graduate from Trinity College Dublin. When not working, you can find him pursuing his passions of music and sports.

Alex Kennedy

Display Advertising Product Specialist, Finch

Alex is a marketing, strategy, and media professional who’s experienced at delivering digital growth and transformational services for organisations from startup to Fortune 50. At Finch, he leads digital advertising efforts and helps clients worldwide grow brand awareness and revenues using display as part of their paid advertising mixes. He holds a BA in psychology and consumer psychology. On top of his professional track record, he’s completed 50 half marathons and 5 full marathons and placed in the top five in three Irish national half marathons in the last four years.

About FINCHbirds

Finch empowers eCommerce growth for brands worldwide through a unique combination of expertise and the first adaptive growth platform built specifically for eCommerce.

With Finch, eCommerce brands access an integrated framework and easy-to-follow visual timeline to define and execute a long-term, sustainable growth strategy.  With Finch strategists and the Finch eCommerce Growth Platform, brands plan, manage and execute all campaign types across marketplaces. With Finch, brands access everything needed to grow revenue, drive cost-efficiency, break down data silos, and have full, manageable control of a scalable pathway to growth.

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