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The Host

Devrin Carlson-Smith

COO, Finch

Devrin has been building businesses for more than 25 years. Not just any businesses though, those at the leading-edge of emerging technologies — like Finch. He’s an expert in reshaping and disrupting traditional industries, including media, advertising, real estate, and sports.


Lee Roquet

VP of Customer Experience & Success

Lee has been leading customer-facing teams and company transformations for over 20 years. Riding the early days of customer experience, knowledge management, and today's leading methodology experience management, Lee has helped start-ups and established companies build a healthy growth foundation focused on customer, team, product, and brand experience.

The Finch Platform helps eCommerce brands grow with purpose-built software that reflects the industry’s ever-changing needs. Operating on Darwin’s principle of “survival of the fittest,” it continues to evolve and adapt for the best possible outcome. After all, if you want to be top of the digital marketing food chain - you have to adapt to survive.